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Panther (30 kW)

Designed to provide pulsation-free air 24 hours a day operating on a 100% duty cycle. The rugged, durable airend is designed with high quality duplex, tapered roller bearings to reduce thrust loads. Coolant dams ensure immediate lubrication for extended bearing life.

Technical Specification Guide

  • Duplex tapered roller bearings
  • Coolant dams
  • High efficiency motor
  • Intellisys" microprocessor controls / relay panel
  • Efficient on-line / off-line control
  • Auto start and stop
  • Air-cooled, 11 5'F / 46'C ambient design & Coolant sight level glass
  • SSR Ultra Coolant
  • 3 micron inlet air filter and coolant filter
  • Integral mounted 1 5T / 8'C CTD aftercooler
  • 380-415 V/3 ph/50 Hz TEFC motor * Motor overload protection
  • Mounted and wired Star / Delta starter
  • Banded V-belt drive with automatic tensioner
  • SAE O-ring, leak-free design
  • Sequencing with lead / lag on two units

Intellisys" controller -

The simple and userfriendly microprocessor controller has load/unload and automatic start/stop capabilities. Operating parameters are set through a finger touch membrane panel, eliminating any need for special tools or training. Complete monitoring of critical operating conditions is accomplished with a digital display and first-out annunciation is an excellent tool for troubleshooting. The controller also provides remote communication capabilities.


Free Air Delivery CFM

Nominal kW XF EP HP XP Lenth Width` Height Weight Discharge
100 psig 125 psig 140 psig 165 psig (in) (in) (in) (kgs) (NPT)
30 195 175 160 150 53 42 72 818 1.5